Mint Hill Secondary Bathroom Remodel with Herringbone Cloe Green Tile

Project Overview

The homeowner envisioned a complete remodel for her sons, who are Minecraft enthusiasts. She aimed to create a space that captured the essence of their favorite game. A key feature of this redesign was the incorporation of dark green tiles, reflecting Minecraft's distinctive, pixelated landscape. Additionally, she sought to enhance the bathroom's ambiance by introducing improved lighting solutions. This included the installation of recessed lighting to brighten the space effectively and the addition of warm pendant lighting, which introduced a cozy, moody atmosphere to the bathroom.

“I need the brand of the shelves in the bathroom. My husband obsessed with them! Also, my boys love their new bathroom!”


Material Specs:

Challenges & Solutions


In the initial stages of the wall-mounted fixture installation, our plan did not include a backsplash tile for this area. However, the homeowners later opted to tile the entire wall, necessitating adjustments to the depth of the wall-mounted fixtures to accommodate the new design.


To address this, our skilled team precisely cut the sheetrock at the fixture locations before faucet installation. We then removed the fixtures, added blocking to extend the fixtures forward, and finished by re-sheetrocking and tiling over the area. This meticulous process ensured a flawless, integrated appearance, blending the fixtures with the newly tiled wall.


Remodeling a bathroom for two brothers, we hit a slight hiccup right from the get-go. The two boys had different visions for their space, and aligning those became our first real task, ensuring both boys felt their style represented itself in the room.


Through a series of sit-downs, we managed to create a design that incorporated elements for each. It was all about finding that sweet spot between divergent tastes, ensuring the final result was a collaborative effort.

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