Mint Hill Master Bathroom with Floating Reeded Vanity

Project Overview

After getting comfortable in their new home, the homeowners decided it was the right moment to begin creating their dream bathroom. They were really open about what they wanted from the start: Paris-inspired and luxurious theme. So we got started on crafting their perfect bathroom! From finding the perfect vanity and tub to coordinating four different tile styles, making everything seamlessly fit and feel cohesive was a bit of a challenge. But the designer worked her magic and brought it all together.

“The design of this whole bathroom looks so nice! Thank you, Lilliana... I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep. This is too much excitement this late at night! .. OMG This closet!!”


Material Specs:

Challenges & Solutions


After receiving the correct tile sample, we placed an order for the full shipment to match it. However, a completely wrong batch of tiles arrived.


We reached out to the manufacturers, who admitted the error, apologized, and sent the right tiles within a few weeks. Fortunately, since we ordered tiles ahead of the project start, this hiccup didn't cause any project delays.


The towel warmer's color didn't match what we saw online.


We were aware that this may happen, and had purchased two additional warmers just in case, which came the next day. Thankfully, one of them complemented the other fixtures, so we didn't have any further delays.

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