Lake Wylie Master Bathroom with a Moody Aesthetic

Project Overview

After finishing a kitchen remodel, the homeowners sought our expertise for their master bathroom. The goal: a "serene, contemporary space with organic, moody undertones". Balancing modernity with the home's character posed challenges. The outdated bathroom, with an underutilized tub, was dark and dim. Our team created a cozy retreat that blends a modern style with its original charm. The result? A seamless, inspired getaway haven.

"The build process was seamless and finishing work was top quality. We are still enjoying everything, and it has exceeded our design dream. Thank you, DGK Design team!"


Material Specs:

Challenges & Solutions


When our team was connecting pipes in the crawlspace, we unexpectedly came across a black rat snake.


Without hesitation, we got a few brave team members to safely remove the snake from the space.


Initially, a smaller niche size was planned. However, after the homeowner selected their preferred niche tile, both our designer and project manager identified the need to expand the rough framing dimensions. This adjustment was crucial to give the tile installer additional leeway, ensuring a flawless and precise installation that met both aesthetic and functional requirements.


This modification was undertaken to accommodate the Nero subway tile within the niche, ensuring a perfect fit. Additionally, it enabled the creation of three complete rows of tile below the niche, enhancing the overall visual harmony and coherence of the design.

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