Quail Hollow Covered Patio with Metal Roof

Project Overview

When the new homeowners in Charlotte reached out to us, they were using a makeshift covering that was clearly on its last legs, as seen in this 'before' picture. It was time for more than just a temporary fix; instead, they desired a durable, stylish outdoor living space that could withstand any weather Charlotte throws at it. As experienced contractors in the area, we were thrilled to take on the project. We immediately began designing a solution. Upon approval, our team constructed a covered patio, ensuring it was not only functional but also visually appealing. We installed a beadboard ceiling for its timeless look and added a metal roof for unmatched durability against rain, wind, and sun. This project was a perfect example of how we tailor our expertise to meet the unique needs and desires of Charlotte homeowners, creating spaces that are both beautiful and built to last.

“Thank you again for all of the hard work and building our patio... We enjoy using the patio during the summertime and don’t have to worry about this makeshift patio now!”


Material Specs:

Challenges & Solutions


Figuring out how to make the new covered patio seem as if it was part of the original design to the home.


We solved the challenge by extending an existing roof line with new metal roofing and built a new frame, following the removal of old shingles.


During the building process of this covered patio, the homeowners preferred the posts to be placed on the brick edge. However, upon excavation, we discovered that the footing beneath the brick patio was not deep enough to support the posts safely and securely.


To address the insufficient footing depth, we slightly extended the roof and installed the posts on a newly poured concrete footing. This approach ensured the posts were supported by a foundation with the proper measurements, providing stability and safety for the structure.

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