Rama Road Sunroom with Beadboard Ceiling

Project Overview

We had the privilege of working with this lovely couple as clients, and they have a real affinity for the outdoors, often spending quality time over coffee. They were keen on adding some heated space while keeping a seamless flow with the existing flooring. Natural light is a priority for them, so we're really making that a focal point. Our team was going back and forth to ensure we're meeting their vision while staying within the project's budget. It's been quite a collaborative effort.

“We both smile anytime we think or talk about our project and/or when others see it, I can’t tell others enough, how much we love you all, how easy you made everything seem, even if it wasn’t at times.”


Material Specs:

Challenges & Solutions


Initially, the approved design didn't include windows in this area. However, after the frame was done and inspections cleared, the clients decided to add extra windows above the two sets of triple windows in the A-frame section. This led to a delay in completing the siding due to the 4-8 week window lead time.


During this wait, we focused on other parts of the project, avoiding setbacks on the completion timeline. Once the windows arrived, we installed them and continued the project smoothly.


After completing the project and the final photoshoot, the clients asked us about the possibility of adding an outlet to their exterior wall.


We quickly accommodated their request and seamlessly integrated the new outlet into their space.

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