Waxhaw-Marvin Master Bathroom Remodel with Mosaic Waterfall

Project Overview

For the full master bathroom remodel, we focused on installing new vanities to elevate the space with a modern appeal. Our goal was to create a brighter, more inviting atmosphere, steering clear of any previously dark, outdated aesthetics. The design emphasized clean lines, sleek finishes, and strategic lighting to ensure the bathroom felt spacious and welcoming. This transformation was not just about updating the look; it was about crafting a serene, enjoyable retreat for the homeowners for a truly enjoyable experience.

“We are so grateful to have our beautiful bathroom. I take my granddaughter swimming and she loves coming to Grammy’s house to take her shower.”


Material Specs:

Challenges & Solutions


Ensuring the shower's waterfall feature was precisely centered on the faucets and the shower itself posed a significant challenge.


we meticulously planned the layout and collaborated closely with our plumbers to ensure accurate placement of shower fixtures. We verified measurements post-installation and pre-tile setup by laying out tiles to confirm dimensions. After cement board installation, we marked the seams to maintain the highest level of accuracy in the layout, ensuring the waterfall aligned perfectly with the fixtures.


The homeowners instantly fell in love with their choice of tiles for their bathroom renovation. However, they encountered a challenge: when figuring out a layout that would showcase these beautiful tiles in the shower area without the overall look becoming cluttered or overwhelming.


Our design team collaborated with the homeowners to address this challenge. They meticulously crafted a layout that not only worked seamlessly but also helped highlight the shower's waterfall feature. This thoughtful arrangement showcased the bathroom’s beauty and contributed to a harmonious and visually stunning bathroom space.

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