Three-Story Deck in Providence Plantation

Project Overview

As a leading local contractor in Charlotte, NC, we had the pleasure of transforming homeowners' dreams into reality with a custom-designed, 3-story deck. Our clients cherished their outdoor moments but felt limited by the seasonal changes affecting their backyard enjoyment. Recognizing the potential for an enhanced outdoor living experience, they entrusted us with the mission to create a seamless walk-out deck from each story of their home. This not only maximized their space but also elevated their home’s aesthetic and functionality. Specializing in bespoke outdoor living spaces, we're proud to bring such visions to life, ensuring every Charlotte resident can fully embrace the beauty of their outdoor surroundings.

“The change to our house is incredible. We are already planning future projects to work on with the team!”


Material Specs:

Challenges & Solutions


During this 3-story deck project, one significant challenge we encountered was the property's unique terrain—a slanted hill. This aspect introduced complexities, particularly when working at height with ladders for the upper stories, posing a challenge to both safety and efficiency.


By working from the bottom floor up, our team was able to manage safety and efficiency in the best way to make sure we not only successfully completed the job but also built the project with our team’s safety as priority.


Another challenge we faced was marrying the aesthetic preferences with building code requirements. To meet the structural standards mandated by engineering assessments, we had to incorporate iron posts, which were essential for compliance but initially not in line with the desired design.


To guarantee the iron posts required for code compliance blended seamlessly with the design, we painted them to closely match the house's exterior. This approach minimized their visual impact while maintaining the necessary structural integrity.

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