Park Road Attic Addition with Private Gym

Project Overview

We were contacted by this homeowner, who was seeking to enhance her living space to accommodate the family’s growing needs. Located in the heart of Park Road, this project was focused on creating additional areas within her home specifically tailored for her family's lifestyle. The homeowner envisioned expanding an existing toy room for her daughters, alongside the addition of three new rooms: a cozy bedroom, a vibrant playroom, and a modern home gym. Our team was excited to bring this vision to life, leveraging our expertise in home expansions to seamlessly integrate these new spaces into the existing structure, ensuring a perfect blend of functionality and style.

"We did an attic renovation adding a bedroom, office and a small workout area with DGK. They were timely, communicate, professional and had great attention to detail. I would highly recommend them!"


Material Specs:

Challenges & Solutions


The appearance of large bubbles and an uneven finish during the staining process of a floor was concerning and frustrating. This issue can arise from the environment, the application process, etc.


We applied the stain in thin, even coats. Using a brush, rag, or sprayer, work the stain into the wood in sections, maintaining a wet edge to avoid overlaps and bubbles.


While building this addition, we initially planned to use 12-foot sheetrock panels. However, the existing staircase and hallway dimensions were too restrictive, preventing us from moving these large panels to the upper levels as originally intended.


To overcome the size constraints of the staircase and hallway, we purchased 8-foot sheetrock panels. This adjustment ensured that the materials could be transported effectively within the existing structural limits.

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