Cotswold Kitchen and Laundry Room Remodel with Custom Arched Door Frame 

Project Overview

The homeowners envisioned a comprehensive kitchen remodel to create an open space in their home. One of their main factors for renovating this kitchen into their dream space was because they purchased and decided to stay in this home to be near their parents, which we are seeing often now and it’s so beautiful! To fulfill their home remodeling vision, we removed a load-bearing wall, connecting the kitchen to the rest of the living area, and installed new flooring through the kitchen and laundry room, elevating the aesthetic and functional coherence of these spaces. Keeping in mind their preference for a naturalistic design and curved architectural elements, we designed and installed a bespoke arched wooden door frame. This custom feature skillfully complements the new drip tray, hardwood flooring, and peninsula cabinets, marrying functionality with the homeowners' stylistic preferences. We not only renovated the laundry room but also expanded it by using an underutilized external storage room. This expansion significantly increased the utility and size of the laundry room, optimizing an almost neglected area.

“Thank you all for the hard work you have put into this!... We SO appreciate your flexibility here and realize you were planning our project for spring. We feel good about moving forward and [are also] excited for the protection of a new roof going into winter.”


Material Specs:

Challenges & Solutions


We want to make sure these two spaces feel connected, yet separate from each other. It's important that neither the laundry nor the kitchen feels cramped, so we had to be smart about how we use the space.


We installed a custom pocket door with glass. This door slides right into the wall, saving a ton of space compared to a traditional swing door. Plus, the glass panel in the door is going to let light flow between the kitchen and laundry area, making both spaces feel more open and airy.


When we were working in the crawlspace, we found it generally easy to navigate, except for one challenge: a large HVAC duct running across the space. This duct limited access, making it difficult for most of our team members to fit into that area.


Fortunately, we've got a few smaller guys on our team who were able to maneuver around the tight spaces in the crawlspace. They were able to fit into the necessary area.

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