Ballantyne Kitchen Remodel with Black Accents

Project Overview

Being DIYer's, the homeowners were used to tackling small renovations throughout the home. When it came to the kitchen, they reached out to us to take care of it because they wanted an expert opinion on designing, building, and producing the perfect kitchen of their dreams. The previous kitchen was dated, with old tile flooring, old cabinets, and an awkward shaped island that didn’t get much use. When we began designing this kitchen, our primary goal was to create based on the feeling they wanted to have when entering the kitchen... they expressed wanting their kitchen to feel moody, welcoming, earthy.

“We’re so very happy with how the kitchen turned out and you guys were a dream to work with!”


Material Specs:

Challenges & Solutions


When the granite slab was installed in the home, it had more speckles than the owner originally noticed because the lighting in the showroom was slightly different from what the homeowner had in her home.


We buffed and reapplied sealer several times before getting it to the homeowner’s desired look.


While pulling up the mortar from the slab, the construction team found that there was an excess amount of mortar found.


Our team had to dedicate additional time than originally allotted to create the smooth finish we were looking for. This required the project to be pushed a day or two so we completed the job well, and didn’t hide another mess for someone to clean up later. Leaving homes better than we found them is ALWAYS the goal.

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