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Mint Hill Master Bathroom Remodel

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In the charming city of Charlotte, North Carolina, homeowners wanted to turn their new dwelling into a master bathroom, inspired by the romantic allure of Paris and infused with luxurious elements. The project, though exciting, posed its share of challenges, from carefully selecting the ideal vanity and bathtub to seamlessly integrating four distinct tile styles. Fortunately, the expertise of a seasoned designer came to the rescue, bringing their vision to fruition.

The design concept centered on infusing an aura of opulence through the use of lavish gold fixtures, plumbing elements, accessories, and tiles adorned with delicate gold speckles. This approach not only elevated the Parisian and luxurious ambiance but also added a unique, personalized touch to the space.

One of the standout features of this remodel was the creation of a custom reeded vanity paired with a floating shelf. This design not only exuded elegance but also cleverly maximized storage with spacious lower shelves, all while maintaining a visually appealing floating appearance.

A pivotal aspect of the project was the seamless integration of four distinct tile styles. The homeowner was resolute in avoiding a cluttered or disjointed appearance and was determined not to part with any of the chosen tiles. Fortunately, the design team devised an ingenious solution that seamlessly blended all four tile styles, resulting in a master bathroom that exudes cohesiveness and visual splendor.

In summary, this master bathroom remodel in Mint Hill, North Carolina captured the essence of Parisian luxury through tasteful gold accents and meticulous tile coordination. The custom vanity and innovative tile design breathed life into the homeowner's dream bathroom, creating a functional yet opulent sanctuary that reflects their unique style and preferences. We more than just a bathroom contractor for your home, DGK Design and Build also provides a detailed design and build process throughout the entirety of your project.