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Island Point Bathroom Remodel

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After completing a successful kitchen remodel, our expert team was asked to come back and transform the master bathroom into a "serene, contemporary space with organic, moody undertones." Balancing modernity with the home's original character presented unique challenges. The outdated bathroom featured an underutilized tub and lacked light.

Our solution? We crafted a cozy, inspired retreat that seamlessly blends modern style with the home's inherent charm. The result is a tranquil getaway haven. We removed the rarely used bathtub to gain significant extra space. This allowed us to expand the shower, creating a more spacious and inviting showering area.

To ensure both privacy and natural light, we utilized frosted glass and adjusted the window size, achieving the perfect balance. Embracing the desired serene aesthetic, we selected a color palette featuring tan and grey tiles for the floor and shower, complemented by black tiles for the shower wall. This combination of hues adds a moody and modern touch.

For Charlotte, North Carolina residents seeking a bathroom transformation that combines contemporary flair with timeless charm, our project showcases a perfect example of what's possible. We more than just a bathroom contractor for your home, we also provide detailed design and build process throughout the entirety of your project. 

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