Brookmont Avenue Master Bathroom Remodel

Before Photos

Completed Photos

When the homeowners of Salisbury, NC gave us a call, we were excited to embark on this transformative bathroom renovation project. Our skilled team made several essential enhancements to improve both functionality and aesthetics. We began by removing an obstructing wall, creating additional space for the shower. In the pursuit of making the bathroom more user-friendly for individuals with disabilities, we replaced the old tub with a specially designed accessible tub.

Furthermore, we gave the bathroom a complete facelift by removing outdated wallpaper, meticulously sanding the surfaces, and applying fresh coats of paint to the new walls and ceiling, resulting in a refreshed and visually appealing interior.

To elevate the flooring, we installed brand-new floor tiles, enhancing both the appearance and durability of the space. Designed to perfectly fit the space, the custom vanity added an elegant and functional element to the bathroom.

In summary, this transformative bathroom renovation project that took place in Salisbury, NC encompassed wall removal, accessible tub installation, wallpaper removal, wall painting, floor tile installation, and the design and installation of a custom vanity. These improvements have turned the space into a more functional, accessible, and visually appealing bathroom.

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